Training and Certification (T&C)

Training and Certification (T&C)

Training and Certification (T&C)

According to Article 37 of the Regulation (EU) 2019/943, one of the tasks attributed to RCCs is the Training and Certifications of staff working in Regional Coordination Centers. ACER approved the relevant Methodology with its Decision dated on 18 May 2022, having thus all RCCs are in full cooperation to implement the specific task.

The Training & Certification aims to establish common guidelines and procedures for the training and licensing of all RCC Operators. To this direction, all RCC Operators shall acquire and maintain the necessary knowledge to execute all required services and respective tasks.

There are three main sub categories in Training and Certification task:

·         Internal Training & Certification

·         Cross-RCC Training & Certification

·         Joint Training & Certification 

Based on ACER’s Decision 07/2022, by May 2024 all frameworks related to T&C will be established, individual and common training and certification activities will be developed and training and assessment material will be created. Furthermore, within 48 months from the beginning of methodology implementation, all RCC staff will be trained and certified according to all requirements.

Since this task is currently under development, all information mentioned above is under revision and can be amended until the full implementation of the methodology.