About us

About us

SEleNe CC is a Regional Coordination Center (RCC) for the EU TSOs in South-East Europe in compliance with the European Commission Regulations 1222/2015 (CACM) and 2017/1485 (SOGL), the Third Energy Package and the Clean Energy Package.

The establishment of the RCCs is a major step towards the efficient coordination of the European TSOs at the regional level in order to cope with the new challenges that arose in the “green transition” process.

SEleNe CC was established on 22nd of May 2020 as a Regional Security Coordinator (RSC) by the TSOs of Bulgaria (ESO-EAD), Greece (IPTO), Italy (Terna) and Romania (Transelectrica). From July 2022 SEleNe CC has been transformed to a Regional Coordination Center (RCC) according to the 943/2019 European Commission Regulation with the participation of the TSOs of Bulgaria (ESO-EAD), Greece (IPTO) and Italy (Terna).

SEleNe CC is based in Thessaloniki, Greece, and covers two Capacity Calculation Regions, i.e. the GR-IT CCC and the SEE (GR-BG-RO) providing the services foreseen in the CACM Regulation, the Network Code on Forward Capacity Allocation (FCA Regulation) and the Network Code on System Operation (System Operation Guideline - SOGL).

SEleNe CC has established a subsidiary (Esperia) located in Rome that deals with 6 bidding zones within Italy.