Power systems in Europe face massive changes in order to achieve electricity market integration and climate goals, becoming thus more complex and sophisticated. Regional Coordination Centers play a pivotal role assuring the security of the transmission systems, supply of electricity and eventually the operation of the internal electricity market in Europe.

SEleNe CC as one of the RCCs aims for strong collaboration with the TSOs in the South East Europe and other European RCCs and TSOs as well. Through the coordination with the TSOs intends to: increase the efficiency in system operation, minimize risks of events occurring in large geographical areas, such as blackouts, reduce cost of electricity and increase competition in the electricity market providing the maximum available transmission capacity to market participants.

SEleNe CC copes efficiently the multiple challenges for the balancing of the power systems, due to the increased penetration of the renewable energy sources, the increase of the volume but also the variability of cross-border flows and the gradual integration of demand response and storage.

Moreover, SEleNe CC participates in all inter-RCC common actions and initiatives aiming to strengthen coordination and collaboration among RCCs, which is crucial for the system security of the entire synchronous zone. This way, SEleNe CC promotes collaboration between RCCs and contributes efficiently to all mutual tasks across the continental Europe's synchronous zone.

According to the European and national legal framework, mainly referring to the Regulation (EU) 2019/943 on the internal market for electricity, the following tasks are currently performed by SEleNe CC, providing full assistance to regional TSOs:

·         Common Grid Model

·         Coordinated Capacity Calculation

·         Coordinated security analysis

·         Short-term adequacy

·         Outage Planning Coordination

·         Critical Grid Situation