Regional Security Coordinators (RSCs) play a key role in the operation of the electricity market and power systems.

On one hand, they aim to maximize the capacity available in the market for power exchanges, thus ensuring optimal use of infrastructure and increasing competition in the electricity market, ultimately reducing the cost of electricity. On the other hand, they ensure the safety and short-term adequacy of electricity systems, proposing the best actions at a level that exceeds the national borders of each Transmission System Operator (TSO), in order to reduce the cost of preventive or curative actions, and minimize the possibility of events occurring in large geographical areas.

At the same time, RSCs are promoting regional cooperation between TSOs, which today is more imperative than ever, as challenges intensify for the balancing of the systems, due to the increased penetration of the renewable energy sources, the increase of the volume but also the variability of cross-border flows and the gradual integration of demand response and storage.

As one of the six RSCs in Europe, SEleNe CC supports TSOs to achieve secure electricity supply on a regional basis. The following tasks will be performed by SEleNe CC to this regard:

  • Individual grid model / common grid model delivery
  • Coordinated capacity calculation
  • Coordinated security analysis (including remedial actions-related analysis)
  • Short and medium term adequacy forecasts
  • Outage planning coordination

As services progress to their full functionality, SEleNe CC will escalate to 24/7 operation providing assistance around the clock to all regional TSOs.