Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy



Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit a website. This way the website remembers your actions and preferences over a period of time, in order to provide to you a more user-friendly service. Certain cookies also serve purposes of commercial advertisement and/or promotion of the website’s owner.

In this unit we use the general term “cookies” as a cumulative term to describe technologies such as cookies, Flash cookies and web beacons

Cookies are unique to each web browser (e.g. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) and user device, and contain anonymous information related to the webpages you visit and the devices you use.

Generally, cookies serve many functions, such as facilitating your browsing from one webpage to the other, saving your preferences and in general improving the experience of your browsing on the webpage.

Cookies fall under different categories depending on the purpose they serve and the way in which they work (technically necessary or functional, performance cookies, advertising cookies).


IPTO uses cookies mainly to ensure that your visit to our website is as pleasant as possible and for advertising reasons during your future visits to other websites. You can see below a more detailed overview of the cookies categories we use and for which purposes:


There are different cookies categories depending on the purpose of their use.  The cookies categories which IPTO uses are:

technically necessary. These cookies are of essential importance for the proper operation of the website, allow you to browse and use its features, such as accessing secure areas. These cookies do not recognise your personal identity. Without these cookies we cannot offer the efficient functioning of our website and they are therefore automatically selected. The role of these cookies is to store information or acquire access to information already stored on your device, with the exclusive purpose of forwarding a communication through an electronic communications network, or to the extent strictly necessary to enable the information society service, which the user or subscriber has explicitly requested.

According to the relevant laws, you do not have the option of choosing whether to reject installation of these cookies since without them the provision of services on our part would not be technically possible.

Performance cookies. These cookies collect information regarding how you use our site, for instance which pages you visit more frequently, the page your visit originated from, the type of browser you use and other information. Performance cookies collect aggregate anonymous statistics which cannot identify the visitor.

We use cookies with the exclusive purpose of analysing the traffic and improving performance, while we take the necessary technical and organisational measures for the safe processing of your data, e.g. anonymization of IP address.

Advertising cookies. These cookies are used to promote commercial content, which matches your needs and interests. They may be used for sending targeted advertisement, restricting add displays or recording the effectiveness of an ad campaign.

These cookies are used to provide content which is better matched to you and your interests. They can be used by us to remember the websites you have visited so we can determine which electronic channels are more effective and they allow us to reward external web pages which forwarded you to us. Also, to improve our website, we use cookies to collect information about the time and the way in which you interact with our website and the postings, updates and services which our website offers.


We use the Google Analytics service to record and analyse traffic data.

Google analytics is the most popular traffic measurement service, which is technically supported by the use of cookies.

We use the Google Analytics service to process anonymous data with the goal of improving our website, such as deciding what page we should improve and how, and to evaluate the display of ads. Important note: We do not use third providers to place ads.

The data collected are stored for 26 months.

The Google Analytics service belongs to company Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy, Mountain View, CA 94043-1351, United States of America, which has been certified in accordance with the Privacy Shield framework, which provides appropriate safeguards to comply with the European data protection legislation.

Google’s cookies are used to store certain information, such as the length of your visit, the type of browser used, the location from your visit came and the frequency of your visits. In order to have access to these data, we allow Google Analytics to place cookies on the hard drive of the computer or other electronic device of the visitor. Every time you visit a different page within our site, the browser that you use submits, in an automatic, encrypted and anonymized method, data to the Google Analytics platform.

Within the Google Analytics service we use the “Anonymize IP” feature.  With this feature, your IP address is limited by Google and anonymized when accessing the website.

For more information about Google’s data processing policy, you can find here Google’s privacy policy and the use of cookies within Analytics here.

Technical information about the Google Analytics cookies is available here.

You can totally block your data collection through Google Analytics by installing in your browser the add-on:


Due to the nature and way in which the internet works, once you visit our site, our server records your IP address in a special log file, which is personal data, even if we are not in a position of identifying you on our own based on this information.

Beyond that, our log files also help us record information about the type of the browser program and the operating system that you use and other information related to your electronic visit, such as the URL address from which you visited our site, the date and time of your visit.

These data are stored exclusively for the strictly necessary period in order for us to ensure the security of networks, information and services from random events or illegal or malicious acts that put at risk the availability, authenticity, integrity and confidentiality of the stored or forwarded data (e.g. control of “denial of service” attacks).


Each user of our site has the option of changing their browsing settings initially the first time they access our company's website each time and after that through the banner. The web page initially has only the strictly necessary cookies activated. When you visit the website for the first time, a cookies banner is displayed which informs you about the use of cookies by the website. This banner gives you the following options:

To accept the installation of the strictly necessary cookies used by our website on your device.

To accept the installation of all cookies, including those not necessary.

To visit and read this Cookies Policy.


Users of our site have the option of changing the settings on the web browser they use as regards cookies and their acceptance.

You can choose, depending on the browser, between automatically accepting all the cookies (this is usually selected by default), to getting a warning on how cookies are used in certain cases and to generally not permitting the use of cookies.

To manage and deactivate cookies, follow the following instructions per browser:


For more information about our approach to personal data protection, place refer to the Privacy Policy here.


Strictly necessary cookies

Session cookie

Stored only at registered users after their connection and deleted after the browser is closed

Persistent login cookie

Stored only at registered users who activated the “Remain connected” option during their connection. This cookie is deleted only if the user chooses to disconnect from our website (“Disconnect” option on the main menu). Note that the session related to this cookie has certain limitations regarding access to certain pages of our website. For example, to modify your profile information, you need a session cookie, which means that you will be asked to re-enter your email address and password.

Performance cookies


Used by Google Analytics to distinguish users, collecting information in anonymous format, such as information about the browser, origin of the visitors and pages they visited inside our website. Duration: 24 months after the end of the session


Used by Google Analytics to distinguish users, collecting information in anonymous form, such as information about the browser, origin of the visits and pages they visited. Duration: 24 hours after the end of the session


Used by Google Analytics to throttle the rate of requests, limiting the collection of data on high traffic websites. Duration: 1 minute



Technically Necessary Cookies

Name Surce Usage
Session cookie It is cached, and deleted when the browser is closed. Duration: as soon as the browser is closed
cookie-agreed Records the acceptance of cookies. Duration: 100 days after the end of the session
cookie-agreed-categories Records the categories of cookies accepted by the visitor. Duration: 100 days after the end of the session
__cfduid Used by the MathJax mathematical symbol engine to display mathematical content (formulas, equations). Duration: 1 second


Performance Cookies

Name Source Usage
_ga It is used by Google Analytics to separate users, collecting information in anonymous form, such as information about the browser, the origin of visitors and the pages visited within Duration: 24 months after the end of the session
_gid It is used by Google Analytics to separate users, collecting information in anonymous form, such as information about the browser, the origin of visitors and the pages visited within Duration: 24 hours after the end of the session
_gat_gtag _UA_172015766 _1 Used by Google Analytics to slow down the request rate, limiting data collection to high-traffic websites. Duration: 1 minute
__cfduid Used by PingDom to monitor website performance and availability. Duration: 1 second