Vision of the future

Vision of the future

Vision of the future

Power systems in Europe are progressively becoming more and more volatile, due to the massive integration of renewable sources. SEleNe-CC, as one of the five RCCs across Europe, aims to efficiently contribute to system security by performing analyses and supporting TSOs on decision making. To this end, SEleNe-CC focuses on the implementation and provision of coordinated services, aiming at ensuring security of electricity supply and grid security.

SEleNe CC develops, implements and delivers all required coordination services completely aligned with ENTSO-E’s guidelines and European Network Codes. Apart from the already established services, in the near future SEleNe-CC will also offer, according to relevant regulations (Regulation (EU) 2019/943, Article 37), the following services:

·         Training and Certification of RCC staff

·         Post-Operation and post-disturbances analysis and reporting (Post-operation analysis)

·         Regional restoration at request of TSOs (Regional restoration)

·         Regional sizing of reserve capacity (Sizing)

·         Regional procurement of balancing capacity (Procurement)

·         Optimization of inter-TSOs’ settlement at request of TSOs (Settlement)

·         Maximum entry capacity mechanisms (MEC)

·         Supporting Ten-Year Network Development Plan

Additionally, SEleNe-CC is willing to promote the efficient cooperation between EU TSOs and non-EU TSOs of the region, in order to achieve harmonized electricity flows, grid security, and security of supply. Finally, SEleNe CC promotes collaboration between all RCCs, participating in all inter-RCC common actions and activities aiming to ensure the security of the system for the entire synchronous zone.